Why use a Tour Operator to help plan your holiday?


Why you need a Tour Operator when planning your holiday

Holidays have over the years become synonymous with Self-Plan Holidays.

For many couples or families, holidays were initially taken in their State, Region or Country. Often not even referred to as Itineraries or holidays but Road-Trips. The research was done by reading travel magazines, talking to friends, imaginative evenings thumbing through detailed road atlases and in the last years searching the internet and reading travel blogs. It has become a natural form of progression when combining travel, family and holiday. So, has anything really changed?

Over the last years overseas travel has become available to the masses from both a cost point to accessibility. It costs less and is ever easier to go anywhere. Millennials are more likely to save for overseas holidays than luxury goods. Times are changing!

However, overseas holidays can come with a separate set of challenges. Different cultures, politics, distances, laws, social acceptance, roads, fears and dangers, the unknown and personal assumptions based on home existence.

Therefore, many tourists resorted to Coach Tours with Tour Operators, accepting the unfamiliar formula of one-glove-fits-all with unknown travel companions and start and end dates. Ultimate security and safety with minimal flexibility and self-control.

So, with the internet giving everyone access to the never-ending supply of information representing destinations, accommodation, what to wear, car-hire companies, sites, expert guides, travel blogs, Best Top 10 of anything……….

how difficult could it be to plan your holiday?

The answer is Absolutely daunting!

The more you access countless pages of alternatives the cloudier and more confused your original ideas become. If only the internet knew you intuitively like you do so that it could know exactly what you want. If you only knew that everything, you see on the internet is truly what it claims to be.  This leads to the question…..

‘Why do we need assistance in planning your holiday’?

At StoryScape Travel we live and breathe our destinations, accommodation, sites, activities, the people and their diverse cultures in South Africa. The only thing we don’t know is YOU! So please don’t find us too inquisitive or even invasive if we spend most of our initial communications going into minute detail about YOU, your passions and your requirements. Only once we feel comfortable in your age-old overcoat and well-worn shoes, will we attempt to craft your itinerary.

At StoryScape Travel we showcase on our website a selection of adaptable packages as examples to whet your appetite.

However, rest assured your holiday will be crafted to suit your individual requirements and special interests.

Our responsibility and commitment to our guests don’t stop when they arrive at your final destination to start their holiday. Without being intrusive we monitor your progress behind the scenes, making sure you’re safe and where you should be at any specific time. We are also available to assist you in any changes you might want to make during your holiday, after all, we all love a level of flexibility without having to relinquish our safety net. StoryScape Travel also has special emergency insurance which covers you at no extra cost, for unforeseen accidents often unique to your situation.

(This does not replace but only compliments your Travel Insurance, so please contact a StoryScape Travel Consultant for more information)

We plan, book and manage your holiday itinerary always treating you as a valued client. In other words, we act as your own personal travel butler. Remember, that old grey-haired, balding guy that knows everything about you, invisible, but always there when you need him!

We make our revenue by creating exceptional relationships with all our suppliers, and as a result secure outstanding rates, creating a win-win situation for them, us and our clients. 

Imagine the internet was truly Artificially Intelligent, and you were able to assume that it would dynamically filter all your questions based on it knowing your character, budget, people who are accompanying you, interests, fears, loves, culinary preferences, mode of travel, and time available… When asking it to recommend suitable tours in South Africa?

Not so far-fetched perhaps, but until then.

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