Rooftop Gardening Tour 2

18h30 for 19h00 – 22h00

A magical evening of storytelling combined with delectable food and drinks. A most memorable evening in the city, discovering the history and cuisines of some of Johannesburg’s most prominent migrant communities. Presented by JoburgPlaces at its Thunder Walker venue on Gandhi Square. Storytelling in the Scatterlings Restaurant, dinner in the Zwipi Underground.

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Guests arrive and mingle at the bar in the Zwipi Underground

Guests gather in the Scatterlings Restaurant for the introductory story: the six phases of Johannesburg (each of which brought a new wave of migrants).

Asian-inspired starters served in the Zwipi Underground (1st Starter: Cape Malay soup, 2nd Starter: Chinese beef dumpling)

Storytelling: Johannesburg’s Asian communities during the Gold Rush and later (Cape Malay, Indian and Chinese).

Guests walk outside to view the Gandhi sculpture and learn more about the founding of the Satyagraha/Passive Resistance Movement in Johannesburg.

Guests gather back in the Scatterlings Restaurant for the story of Pan-African migration and an introduction to the main courses.

Pan-African mains (1st Main: Zimbabwean sadza, chemolia & tomato, 2nd Main: Mozambican carapau with tomato, onion and peppers)

Guests gather in the Main Vault Room for storytelling (Chef Princess Bulelwa Mbonambi elaborates on the menu and ingredients)

The story of the United Safety Deposit vault, Somerset House and the Thunder Walker project, including the Thunder Walker Poem

Desserts are served (1st Dessert: Ethiopian/Indian Mango Lassi with Vodka, 2nd Dessert: Mediterranean Baklava with seeds) 



The Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Tour of South Africa

Enchanting Mpumalanga Escarpments – The breathtaking Panorama Route – Exclusive Greater Kruger Safari, and Johannesburg, a city like no other

Verlorenkloof Lodge

The lodgings are warm, comfortable large and invite guests to relax and savour the serene environment, when not participating in one of the many activities.