Township Tour

Half Day

At StoryScape Travel we assure you an authentic, ‘hands-on’ Township Experience, by using local guides who were born and grew up in the Township. They will share their experiences of growing up and living in the Township and introduce you to the local people giving you a true insight into what life is really like.

By taking this tour you will be supporting the local community and in return, they will show you their culture, and lifestyle as you walk the streets and interact with the people. The township is a busy, vibrant and colourful place and will welcome you with open arms. This is more than a Township tour, this is an experience which will stay with you for a long time.

You will visit Langa Township (the sun), Cape Town’s oldest township, established in 1927 where the guide will take you on a walking tour of:

  • The infamous “singles quarters” and the hostels, – a product of the Migrant Workers Laws of the previous regime which destroyed families and created a dysfunctional society.
  • “Spaza” shops and “Shebeens”.
  • The “new flats” which are the old hostels now converted into smart new family apartments offering a chance for decent family living.
  • A community centre, craft market (shop for locally made arts and crafts which directly benefit the community), a tavern (shebeen) and a pre-school.
  • Langa Taxi Rank – sequel to the Sharpville Massacres of 21 March 1960, as a result of the defiance campaign over the pass laws, led by P.A.C. leader Robert Sobukwe and local resistance leader, Phillip Kgosana.
  • ‘Beverly Hills’, which is the name given to the middle-class area of Langa Township
  • Morning tours include lunch. Weekdays we enjoy a barbecue at Mzoli’s in Guguletu, and weekends and public holidays, we are welcomed into a local Langa home for a delicious home-cooked, home-hosted meal.

Afternoon tours include an after-school visit to the kids at the Happy Feet Youth Project.   This project is aimed at taking young children and teenagers off the street and empowering and enriching their lives. They are coached on producing local dance shows which earns money for the community and enhances their lives immeasurably.