Wild Dolphin & Sound Journey Mozambique Retreat


Duration: 6 Nights / 7 Days
Group Size: Min 6, Max 10 Ladies (sharing)
Destination: Ponta Malongane, Mozambique
Accommodation: Semi-luxury Beach Villa situated on a beautiful beach overlooking the sea.
Your Hostess, Guide & Sound therapist is Courtney Ward. Courtney has over 23 years of experience studying Wild Dolphins and is a renowned Sound Therapist.
Interests: Wellness, Swimming with Wild Dolphins, Snorkelling, Walking, Sound Journey, Great Mozambican food & lots of fun!

We would be happy to assist you with your Travel Arrangements.

Swimming with Wild Dolphins on the Dolphins terms and natures conditions.

This Tour has been created uniquely to appeal to a small group of Ladies who wish to fulfil a dream, tick off a Bucket-list item, and rejuvenate themselves while having loads of fun & laughter.

For many, the idea of snorkelling with Wild Dolphins in the open ocean can be a daunting, even scary proposition. However, rest assured that you only have to be able to swim and will always be in the safe hands of mermaid Courtney at all times. This is not a diving Breakaway, no certification is required and it is suitable for everyone over the age of 18.

We do our utmost to make sure there is enough free time to relax while still enjoying the Dolphin and Sound-Travel activities.

Ponta Malongane forms part of the diverse magnificent Maputo National Park, a status we now proudly boast since the close of 2021, up until then, we were a partial marine and terrestrial reserve. The Ponta Malongane Dive centre and Halo Gaia have one of the only three legal operating licences to approach wild dolphins, this is run with utmost care and respect.

There is never any chasing, herding or enforcing our presence on the dolphin pods.

Our Wild Dolphin Ocean Safari is a wonderful way to see the expansive beaches and beauty of this area as we drive along the magnificent coastline.

The inshore bottlenose dolphins are resident to the area and have found great curiosity in meeting humans, any dolphin encounter both from the boat or in the water is always run on

Courtney, your experienced guide has been intimately working with these dolphin pods since 1999 – 23 years of loving relations.

She is passionate about sharing her love for these creatures with you.

On your Ocean Safari, you will learn and witness a lot regarding the behaviours of these wild dolphins and their environment.

We work strictly with policies such as no touching the dolphins, only one boat in a 300-meter proximity, limited water drops and always observing the moods and behaviours before any boat or water encounter.

The Wild Dolphin Ocean Safari is a good hour and a half out to sea, you will also enjoy some time snorkelling on a beautiful coral reef before we make our way back to the beach, again an exhilarating boat experience.

It is quite amazing how the adventures in salt, sea and sun inspire a very hearty appetite.

Laughter, relaxation & new friendships are born.

What is a Medicine Song & Sound Journey?

A deeply rejuvenating sound & vibrational medicine meditation experience.

A kaleidoscope of vibration…oscillation ..pulse…frequency… rhythm & waves allows you to literally resonate with life.

The ancient ethnic & indigenous peoples of the Earth utilized song, sound, rhythm & music to access the deep subconscious & transpersonal realms of self.

Courtney is a multi-instrumentalist who also uses the layered textures of her versatile voice to transport you into a deeply profound state of innate stillness.

A Medicine Song & Sound Journey is a powerful modality which requires nothing but an open mind & open heart

This vibrational sound experience is made by simply lying down & closing your eyes

It is best described as, Storytelling in song… Healing with music…Vibrational therapy…

You are encouraged to simply breathe & allow the harmonious primal sounds to evoke a connection to self, heart-centred reflection & deep peace.

The Song Journey is inspired by a revered love for nature & the diversity of this planet.

Sounds & Songs that evoke landscapes, oceans, animals and a diversity of indigenous cultures invite you inward…

Today, we are in a constant state of overstimulation. Many of us assume this to be the norm and manage to filter or numb much of this stimulus to maintain our daily activities. If we are highly stressed or emotionally strung, we will find that our whole body – mind – spirit system is affected

The profound effect of sound waves & ethnic song delicately woven & intentioned to drop you deeply into the fold of your parasympathetic nervous system never ceases to inspire AWE, healing & transformation!

We can re-set & up-regulate our very genes just by changing the frequency of our innate being…

Gift yourself this still point of reflection & create from here…

Let the music shift you

Please join us for this extraordinary experience in the art of self-care ..

“He who knows the secret of sound,
knows the mystery of the whole universe.”

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

Day 1

Arrival, whether by plane or road, ladies will make their way to Ponta Malongane

It’s best to give this travel day the grace of time and only commit to our first gathering in the late afternoon, from experience this could be as late as 5 pm.

We will settle you into your room, either shared or single as we await the arrival of everybody. We encourage you to take a walk down to the beach to put your feet in the sand and perhaps dip your body into this warm Indian ocean. Welcome!

At 6pm – We will gather to enjoy our first delicious health-packed meal on our beautiful deck, overlooking the ocean.

Getting to know each other in either a retreat circle opening or a more informal chat around the dinner table or shortly afterwards in the lovely lounge setting, this pending the theme of the getaway. Is it a wellness retreat, or just a woman’s holiday in the company of other woman.

We will use this first evening to orientate the ladies, and share about the place and the outline of our time together.

What does it entail to walk to the dive centre for our Wild Dolphin Ocean Safaris and the village over the next days.

Day 2

Sunrise rises from this far eastern ocean, it's just breath-taking.

Sunrise time is pending on what time of year you have chosen to visit us..

A cup of tea or coffee overlooking the sea or a gentle stroll sunrise stroll on the beach is a wonderful way to welcome this new day and to breathe into the beauty of this place..

The pace here in Ponta Malongane encourages you to slow down – to enjoy every moment.

We will enjoy our first brunch together at 10 am .. two courses – love packed and abundant brunch prepared by our wonderful caterer Taryn 😊

After Brunch, we will don our swimwear and sit in and around the pool to engage in an informative and fun basic snorkelling orientation and lesson.
This will help our ocean guide and wild dolphin swim facilitator Courtney guage our level of water competency and if there is any need for extra loving support, thus preparing us for that magical ocean and her vibrant finned friends.

This getaway is catered for an abundant Brunch and x 3 Dinners, this is usually more than sufficient to fill you with happy tummy vibes but should you wish to enjoy some lunch and local cuisine, take a nature-rich walk into the village to explore the wonderful vibrant restaurants and “ shabeens “.

We will dine out as a group for three of our dinners, and tonight is just such a night … locally sourced prawn and fish feasts prepared on an open fire as we sit and enjoy the quaint local village atmosphere and her friendly beautiful people.

We will enjoy our dinner out after a wonderful afternoon spent either exploring the creative local craft market or simply lounging on the day beds overlooking the sea.

Day 3

Early rise as we make our way down to the beach and take a magical 15/20 min walk to the dive center.

This beach is expansive and untouched – your beach walks will be medicine to your soul.

The dive centre is situated right on the beach with a great deck, vibey tunes and a bar to enjoy this awesome view with a drink in your hand.

Courtney will guide you through gear fitting and boat safety before in the hands of very experienced sea-faring skippers, we take our first adventurous surf launch out to sea.

We are going to sea on a twin-engine pontoon  “ rubber dive duck “

After our invigorating outing, we will stroll back to our gorgeous villa, shower and move to the deck for our eagerly awaited brunch.

This day is now free to really unwind and enjoy all that this slow-paced paradise has to offer before we sojourn for another delicious three-course catered dinner on the deck.

A day like this is exhilarating FUN.. and always contributes to becoming a lifetime highlight.

An abundance of food and cheer may invite some time to rest, chat or take a stroll into the village.

This day is now free to really unwind and enjoy all that this slow-paced paradise has to offer before we sojourn for another delicious three-course catered dinner on the deck ..

Fun, laughter & new friendships forming

Day 4

Early rise as we again stroll along the lapping waves to the dive center..

In the course of our time together – we will go to the open sea three times.

For many, this can be a daunting, even scary proposition. However, rest assured that you only have to be able to swim and will be in the safe hands of mermaid Courtney at all times.

It is wonderful to have more than one opportunity to go to sea and to meet the dolphins.

The extra boat launches gives you the perfect opportunity to not only witness the many different moods and behaviours – but also to make that close life changing swim encounter.

After our heart infused ocean immersion we will walk back to our villa for another health packed brunch..

Enjoy the spaciousness of this day  – before we gather in the afternoon for a fun filled interactive drumming circle guided by Courtney..

This is a great bonding and uplifting activity to share , making music together 😊

The evening will see us again explore another wonderful local restaurant for dinner

Sweet ocean dreams ..



Day 5

A Sunrise coffee watching the day dawn and another beautiful beach walk to the dive centre

Today is our final and third opportunity to feel the wind in our hair and marvel at the contagious joy of the wild dolphins.

Brunch on the deck followed by the rest this beautiful place inspires..

This afternoon we will experience a deeply nourishing Medicine Song and Sound Journey facilitated by Courtney

See the details of what this is below :

After this beautiful deeply relaxing experience  we will prepare ourselves for another village dinner and perhaps some dancing..

Returning to our beds to lull to sleep for our last night beside this ocean

Day Of Departure

Early rise and shine..

Enjoy an early breakfast before we either take our transfer or drive ourselves homeward.

Many thanks for all for these rich beautiful days we have spent together in the magnificence of this place Ponta Malongane, where heaven and earth meet.

You have lived your own Mozambique Story!