Kruger Wilderness, Wildlife, & Inner-Wellness Retreat

Under the unique guidance of BeJay Watson

Allow yourself to resonate with the Wilderness and Wildlife. Ground yourself and rekindle the art of being instead of doingand while embracing nothingness, revisit your inner self.

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Destination: Klaserie Private Reserve, Greater Kruger
Accommodation: Africa On Foot Camp
Interests: Wildlife, Sound Therapy, Bush Walks, Game Drives, Reiki, Yoga, Relaxation.

This is the Breakaway for Ladies passionate about wildlife and the healing qualities of the Bush. The mood is very laid-back and all group sessions are optional.

Africa On Foot is the perfect place to combine the magical peacefulness and grounding qualities of the African Bush with the therapeutical expertise of BeJay Watson. Located in the Klaserie, a private, unfenced nature reserve situated on the western border of the Kruger National Park. All game moves freely throughout the region. This authentic Camp is a hidden gem,  comfortable yet not ostentatious, cosy yet not stifling, with a charming dining and lounge area, a bar and two pools to cool off in during the midday heat.

BeJay Watson
Seasoned and inspired Sound therapist, yoga practitioner and intuitive healer working with you to tune into the natural rythm of your mind and universe.

“I have lived in the bush for 20 years and have felt the unbelievable pure energy of Nature and the effect it has on one’s body and sense of well-being.

Over the years I have studied all the different modalities of energy, Reiki, Universal Energy, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Jytsu, which all deal with the energy that runs through our bodies.

This strong understanding of energy healing led me straight into sound therapy and as it is now known, Vibrational Medicine.”


BeJay Watson is a qualified sound therapist specialising in Gong Baths. She studied in the UK, under Gong Master and Kundalini yoga teacher, Don Contreaux,  now in his 48th year of Gong teaching and healing. BeJay is also a Reiki Master, Lightarian, Karuna Reiki teacher, Munay Ki teacher, Jin Shin Jytsu practitioner, Universal Energy healer, Shiatsu and Myofacial therapist.

BeJay intuitively understood that our body holds inherent wisdom and ways of communicating with us and if we begin to understand its language and work with it, we can avoid disease (dis-ease).

She has more than 3000 hours of personal yoga practice in three different yoga styles, which include Sivananda, Ana Forrest and Kundalini Yoga.

BeJay has been trained and mentored by renowned yogi masters such as Ana Forrest, Gurumuku, Swami Swarospananda, Sally Flanagan, Shimon Isreal and Mel Castleman.



Day 1

Focus on settling into camp life, experience an individual cleansing session and Inner Reconnection through BREATH work, movement and vibration.



Find your balance & Reconnect

12h00 –  Check-in at Africa On Foot Camp with a warm welcome from Nita.

13h00 –  Lunch & informal introduction by BeJay

13h30 –  Free Time with an individual Vibration, Cleansing session (20 mins per person)

15h30 – Connecting Breath and movement class

16h30 –  Afternoon / Evening Game Drive or guided Walk with Sundowners

Introductory session by Bejay

19h30 –  Return to Camp for a freshen up

19h30 –  Dinner

Gathering around the fire at the Boma to share the day’s experiences

Day 2

An early start to experience the sunrise. What a great way to start the day embracing the waking moments of mother nature while moving your body to the rhythm of the dancing trees. End the day watching the magical sunset in the Bush.

A day of rhythms and cycles

05h00 –  Wakeup call, coffee, and rusks

05h45 –  Game drive incorporating Morning Come Alive Sunrise meditation

10h00 –  Return to Camp

10h15 –  Breakfast

11h00 –  Free Time

14h00 –  Lunch

14h45 –  Group Kundalini Yoga Session

16h00 –  Afternoon / Evening Game Drive with a Sunset Stretch and Shifting Session, welcoming the awakening of Mother Moon, followed by Sundowners.

19h00 –  Return to Camp for a freshen up

19h30 –  Dinner

A relaxed evening around the fire at the Boma

Day 3

Pull-on your walking shoes and take a walk on the Wildside. We start today with a Re-Earthing Alignment Session, prior to a guided bushwalk. Let the sounds of Singing Bowls revitalise your body and soul.


The day of Elements

06h00 –  Wakeup call, coffee, and rusks

06h45 –  Mother Earth Alignment Session

07h15 –  Bush Walk to a water hole where we connect with the waters within. Return to Camp

09h45 –  Breakfast

10h45 –  Free Time

13h30 –  Lunch

14h30 –  Just Breath, Outdoor Alignment Session

16h00 –  Afternoon / Evening Game Drive with a Chant your Truth Session, followed by Sundowners.

19h00 –  Return to Camp for a freshen up

19h30 –  Dinner

Release, Align, Reignite Flame Ceremony Session around the fire at the Boma.

Day 4

An early wake-up call with Game Drive, followed by a Magical Gong Bath Session, embracing the elements of the Bush.

Passage of Gratitude. Take and leave what needs be.

05h00 –  Wakeup call, coffee, and rusks

06h15 –  Game drive incorporating Gratitude and Release Gong Session

09h00 –  Return to Camp

09h45 –  Farewell Breakfast

10H15 –  Check-out