Verlorenkloof Art Retreat


Verlorenkloof Art Retreat


Verlorenkloof Art Retreat


Verlorenkloof Art Retreat


Verlorenkloof Art Retreat

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Accommodation: Verlorenkloof Lodge, Mpumalanga Highlands
– Rusks, coffee, farm milk & sugar in the croft
– Full breakfast/brunch, dinner and snacks (as stated on the itinerary)
– Planned Group Painting Sessions
– Individual attention to suit your skill level.

Why you should join Ina on this enlightening Artistic Retreat.

My Creative Statement by Ina.

Painting is a creative expression of my inner soul. It is healing, energising, awe-inspiring, humbling, and teaches me to be in the “Now”. I am so consumed with my painting that I am unable to worry about mundane things. Painting connects me to Nature, God, and the collective subconscious. I love what I do, and I am passionate about my work. I feel supremely blessed to be able to live out this passion of mine every day.

Painting becomes a kind of meditative exercise where the artist is so absorbed in the painting, or painting process, that unimportant trivialities are shut out! This is why painting is so therapeutic. It becomes easier to listen to your soul when you shut out the constant chatter in your mind.

“The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become” Paulo Coelho.


Meet your Professional Artist Ina Millman

I am a South African artist and an established art teacher based in Johannesburg. Equally comfortable painting with watercolours, oils, acrylics, pastels and mixed media, my work is diverse.

I share my passion for life and painting by teaching and conducting art workshops.

​I am inspired by life and nature and try to capture the magic of sunlight. I am fascinated by the way light falls on an object and transforms a mundane scene into something beautiful and brilliant. Our strong African light has hugely affected the way I paint. I also like to capture a moment in time and love to paint from life.

I have studied with some of the top artists in the country. My work can be viewed at exclusive galleries World-Wide.

Artists spend much time alone, which allows for soul-searching and self-enrichment. However, as most artists know, it can be lonely and agonizing! I also love people , love the social connections of souls, and enjoy helping aspiring artists.

For that reason I organise Artist’s retreats (Art holidays) where artists connect, work together and inspire each other. It is a joining together of like-minded people, and a networking of kindred spirits. Shared passion and joy is expounded for all. It is a wondrous experience to be in the company of so many kind, talented, child-like, and fun-loving people.

We ignite enthusiasm amongst each other. This communion is uplifting, not only for the spirit, but in some subtle way, also for the standard of our art.

To do something, anything, with passion, is to awaken that life-force within us – to make one feel totally alive and to know that what you do has meaning and purpose.

This Art Retreat is suitable for Ladies who have some experience in painting and wish to improve or broaden their skills & techniques while developing their own personal style. Ina will have a limited selection of paints & materials available for sale. However, the basic materials including an easel should be supplied by the attendees.

Below are just a few examples of the amazing breadth of scope that Ina has in her artistic arsenal.


Verlorenkloof is a beautifully picturesque escape hidden in the escarpment. Isolated at the end of a valley, it has been a refuge for humanity escaping from violence and chaos for hundreds of years. Today, nothing has really changed, and the vastness of the mountains together with the almost tangible serenity make this setting ideal for losing yourself in quiet meditation behind your brush or easel




  You will stay together in a Croft  (stone-built House) accommodating your Group. All bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms.  The Breakaway includes breakfast/brunch and dinner, the Crofts have full cooking facilities, a dining facility and a spacious lounge with a cosy fireplace at your disposal. Guests should feel free to bring whatever food, drinks (Soft & Alcoholic)  and sundries for their own consumption.

The rooms are serviced daily and coffee, tea, rusks and milk are provided. The Crofts are intentionally located out of view from each other offering complete privacy.

The Meals are home-cooked typical South African dishes. The Yoghurt, produced from Verlorenkloof’s own Jersey herd, is hand-strained with no preservatives and is really exceptional.


Please note that all Workshops are Oil & Acrylic with the exception of 19 – 22 September which is exclusively a Watercolour Workshop.

How the Breakaway works

Ina will choose a daily theme which is a combination of technique and the use of colours. The day will start with a morning session explaining and showing the theme which during the day will evolve into a painting. As the day progresses Ina will give each pupil individual attention to assist them with their specific challenges & ensuring progress.

Day 1

12h30 – Check-In at Lodge & drop luggage off at your Croft.

13h00 – Return to the Lodge & set up your art materials in the studio.

13h30 – Greet & Meet, finger-food Lunch.

14h15 – Start your first introductory course. You will deal with colour and tone. Learn what constitutes a pleasing painting. You will mix colours and paint clouds with the colours mixed. Attendees will receive numerous paint recipes over the next few days.

16:30 Cake and Tea/ Coffee in the Lodge

19h00 – Dinner served in your Croft

Day 2

You will be painting a Sunset. Ina will do a demo painting, and the artists can paint along or do their own painting.

07h30 – Wake up with coffee/tea and rusks in the Croft

08h00 – Access to the Studio for those wishing to paint.

09h00 – Light breakfast at the Lodge

09h45 – Morning Painting Session

13h00: Lunch

14h00 –  Afternoon Painting session.

16:30 Cake and Tea/ Coffee in the Lodge

19:00 Dinner served in your Croft


Day 3

Today you leave the Studio to paint in the fresh air (weather permitting). Under Ina’s guidance, you will be painting a subject of your choice.

07h30 – Wake up with coffee/tea and rusks in the Croft

08h00 – Access to the Studio for those wishing to paint.

09h00 – Light breakfast at the Lodge

09h45 – Morning Painting Session by the River

13h00 – Picnic Lunch by the River

14h00 – Afternoon Painting session. (where to be determined)

16:30 – Return to the Lodge for  Cake and Tea/ Coffee.

19:00 Dinner served in your Croft

This evening Ina will lead a critique session and each Lady can submit one painting for discussion.

Day 4

Those Ladies who wish to work on their painting can do so. Otherwise, feel free to go for a walk or just relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the mountain views.

07h30 – Wake up with coffee/tea and rusks in the Croft, pack up  your luggage & drive to the Lodge.

08h00 – Access to the Studio for those wishing to paint.

09h00 – Farewell breakfast at the Lodge

10h30 – Pack up your Art materials in the Studio and bid farewell to your new friends.