Wellness & Culinary Retreat

Old Joe's Kaia is a magical place, uncannily tranquil yet invigorating and uplifting

Discover the eye-opening combination of Wellness & Plant-Based food!

You don’t have to be Vegan. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to experience this exciting avenue of nourishment and wellness journey.

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Destination: Lowveld
Accommodation: Old Joe’s Kaia
Interests: Nature, Plant-based Cooking, Yoga, Reiki, Relaxation, Meditation, Cuisine, Lifestyle Changes, Sound Therapy

This Retreat is the perfect breakaway for the individual wanting to enjoy or learn more about plant-based cooking, with wellness activities included which joyfully and unexpectedly rejuvenates the soul. Besides the delicious plant-based meals served in style, this retreat facilitates and gives the opportunity to close the past chapters that no longer serve us. The retreat furthermore emphasizes the importance of being light with love and laughter. Going home after the retreat with so many new resources, fresh ideas, creativity and plans can only set us off on a fantastic start to the future!


Your plant-based mentor, chef, and wellness facilitator. Marian is also the proud co-owner of  Old Joe’s Kaia. Her emotional roots and deep inherent love for the ground and establishment reflects throughout this retreat.

Besides Marian’s love for Old Joes’s Kaia, culinary delights are her passion, her love for food inherent from growing up on a working farm.

Using food to connect with people has played an equally important role – the socialising, the comfort and warmth of family and friendships and teaching people the magic of creating plant-based feasts.

Don’t worry about going hungry, Marian loves preparing feasts for her guests, and the delights she concurs up will certainly be impressive and surprisingly, eye-opening.


Your Sound therapist, yoga practitioner and intuitive healer

BeJay has spent more than twenty years in the bush and has felt the unbelievable pure energy of nature and the effect it has on one’s body and sense of well-being.

“Over the years I have studied all the different modalities of energy, Reiki, Universal Energy, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Jytsu, which all deal with the energy that runs through our bodies.

This strong understanding of energy healing lead me straight into sound therapy and as it is now known, Vibrational Medicine.”



Day 1

12H30 – Arrival with Welcome Drink and Check-in

 13H00 – Lunch on the deck. Meet your fellow ladies with a short briefing.

 14H00 – Grounding session under the trees

 14H45 – Free time

 16H00 – Yoga in the studio

 17H30 – Free time

 19H00 – Dinner

 20H00 – Informal Wellness discussion



Day 2

07H30 – Coffee & Rusks

 08H00 – Labyrinth: Find Your Centre

 09H30 – Free time

 10H30 – Brunch

 11H30 – Free time

 13H00 – Gong Sound Bath

 14H15 – Fruit Platter and biscuits available

 14H45 – Free time

 16H00 – Foraging & Cooking Class

 17H30 – Free time

 19H00 – Dinner

Day 3

 08H00 – Coffee and rusks

 08H30 – Morning Stretch & Conscience Dance

 09H30 – Free time

 10H30 – Brunch

 11H30 – Free time

 13h00 – Kitchen session (optional)

 14H00 – Fruit Rice Roll

 14H15 – Free time

 15H30 – Meditation and Reflection at pond

 16H00 – Vision Board art session

 19H00 – Dinner

Day 4

 07H30 – Coffee and Rusks

 08H00 – Closure:  Fire Ceremony and Gift Exchange

 09H30 – Feedback and Farewell Breakfast