A Hunters Hike in the Greater Kruger

A Hunters Hike in the Greater Kruger

A Hunters Hike in the Greater Kruger

A Hunters Hike in the Greater Kruger


There is no bigger thrill than to wake up after sleeping in an unfenced wilderness camp in a big 5 game area, having woken to lions roaring and elephants breaking branches around your Camp, protected from the African bush by just a few millimetres of tent cloth.

We wake up at the crack of dawn, with a fresh pot of coffee listening to the African bush coming alive. This is the dream of any hunter trying to get out as early as possible and getting ready for the hunt. We leave the camp with just our daypack on our backs and start scouting for any fresh signs to follow.

As hunters we take our time when looking for the big and dangerous, checking around dams for fresh tracks and listening for any alarm calls or fresh signs of animals feeding.

When we finally find some promising tracks, the real excitement begins, and this is when all your senses come alive, and the adrenaline starts pumping.

We move through the African wilderness like a predator stalking its prey. Focusing on the track, trying to imagine how they are moving and constantly looking for the slightest movement in front of us while trying to be as quiet as humanly possible.


Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Destination: Maseke Private Reserve, Greater Kruger
Accommodation: Unfenced Mobile Tented Safari Camps
Included: All Meals, Coffee, Tea and activities
Excluded: Travel to the Camp
Alcoholic beverages, Rifles & ammunition
Conservation Levies payable at the Camp

Once we zone in on our target animal, the rush of it all takes over, looking at the position of the sun trying to keep it on our backs and taking the wind into consideration. Making sure that the animal can’t smell us, sneaking in as close as possible without disrupting the animal’s natural behaviour and knowing you have beaten the lion at its own game.

Even though no animals are shot, this is where walking safaris and the hunter’s world meet when passion and the absolute love of nature and the outdoors come together. The quietness of the African bush, exploring new areas only accessible by foot, listening to the birds sing, sitting in the shade of a big Marula tree and seeing where the mighty elephants have been previously walking around you, and finally realising what it is to experience……

Africa on foot.

Each day is spent walking through the 8000-hectare reserve, and each night is spent at a fully set up mobile campsite in a scenic location in the wilderness.  

This is the adventure of a lifetime for those who want to improve their Hunting & tracking skills and get to know the Kruger bush and camp beneath the stars. This could be considered ‘roughing it’, as there are no super luxurious elements to the camp, but it is nothing less than comfortable and designed to give you an immersive experience in the Kruger bush.

The walking is easy to moderate in hiking terms. You should be in good health with a decent fitness level.

Some of the Hunting & Tracking Skills you will address during the Hike.

  • Track and Sign – During the walks, we will be focusing on all tracks, droppings and signs that are relevant to the hunter and outdoorsman. Depending on the group’s experience and interests we will be covering a wide variety of tracks & signs and show how to determine different factors such as how “ fresh “ tracks are, how fast the animal was moving, animal age and sex, herd size and all the elements that play a role in successfully tracking an animal.                                                                
  • Tracking and Trailing – Once we’ve located any relatively fresh track we will spend time on trailing the animal. We will discuss and point out what to keep in mind whilst doing so, how to use the sun and wind to your advantage and what will be playing a role in this process. Being part of Greater Kruger the animals tracked can be anything from plains game to members of the Big Five.
  • Shooting Range – At the Range, we have a variety of targets to shoot at.  Shot placement, determining shot distance, ballistics and advanced rifle handling drills will be covered at the range
  • Bush Craft and orientation – The bush has lots of ways to help find and determine direction as well as provide the basic needs to survive if you ever find yourself lost or temporarily disorientated. We will point out and discuss how to use the stars, constellations, sun and other elements to do so. 


A maximum of 10 guests (sleeping in 5 tents) are taken on this Kruger walking adventure.

A professional trained guide and tracker team will lead an informative, thrilling, and unforgettable walk in the wild. While guests are out exploring the Kruger on foot, a ground team will be taking down the first camp and setting up the next one in a new location.

While walking in the bush, you will unexpectantly come across a table and chairs with a lovely lunch, cooked for you on an open fire  with fresh salads and all the trimmings.

Late afternoon, a lovely cheese platter, snacks and refreshments will be on offer at camp. A late afternoon walk or game drive complete the daily experience, before a simple yet delicious campfire dinner. A proper bed in a canvas dome tent awaits you with its own separate toilet, bucket shower and warm water. Camping at its best!


Day 1

12h30 -14h00 Arrive at the lodge for check-in and lunch.

15h30 – Depart for trails camp once everyone has arrived and had lunch.

15h45 – Check in to tents. Once settled in, we will head out for an afternoon game drive and sundowners.

18h45 -19h15 – Return to camp for dinner.

Day 2

05h00 – 05h45 Set of for morning walk after a cold breakfast, walk 3-5 hours to brunch. During the walk we will be focusing on tracks and signs of potentially dangerous animals, as well as trailing and locating.

10h30 -11h00 Brunch in the Bush followed by a walk and/or Game Drive to the Camp.

15h30 – 19h00 Afternoon / Night game drive with sundowners.

16h00 – 19h00 Afternoon/evening game drive with sundowners.

19h00 Return to camp for dinner.

Day 3

05h00 – 05h45 After a cold breakfast we will set off on our morning walk to camp 3 on the Olifants river. During this 3-4 hours walk we will once again be focusing on tracks, signs, survival techniques, general bush craft and orientation.

10h30 – 11h00 After arriving at camp 3 (Olifants camp ) we will enjoy brunch on the banks of the Olifants river. There will be time to shower, relax and reflect on the days activities.

15h30 – 19h00 Afternoon / Night game drive with sundowners.

19h30 Drinks & Dinner at the Camp

Day 4

05h00 – 05h45 Breakfast

05h45  Short morning walk along the Olifant’s river before returning back to base camp via a game drive for check out.

9:00-10:00 Settle Drinks Bills & Check out